DICKMEYER BOYCE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT IS A Fee-Only Financial Planning and Wealth Management firm serving the upper Midwest from Fort Wayne, Indiana and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Life Goals

It is our goal to enable you to focus on what is important in your life. This is possible through a financial planning process that provides you with confidence that you have a plan in place to achieve your financial goals.


Intelligent Financial Decisions

Your investment philosophy and strategy should follow a conservative and fact-based approach to seeking long term results in line with your personal needs.



We take this journey together. We work closely with you to implement your plan; providing you with access to all the proper resources along the way. Understanding the fundamentals of your financial plan and investment strategy enables peace of mind.



At our firm we enjoy each other and what we do. We expect each team member to live well-rounded lives just as we seek to enable the same for you.

Start Planning Your Life with our wealth management guidance

Our commitment to you is to serve our clients in a humanistic manner, while keeping their best interest a top priority. We making financial planning about your life, not about us.

Our process:

At Dickmeyer Boyce Financial Management, our willingness to go beyond the traditional scope of financial planning engagements sets us apart. 

We help our clients through life decisions and decisions that may indirectly affect their financial well-being.

No matter where you are in life, or what you do, we can help. From professionals in the medical space to manufacturing and technology, or small business owners to widows/widowers, we have a tailored solution for you.

Blog & News

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Client Stories

Client Stories

Serving Clients Above & Beyond

Subsequent to the passing of her husband, a client needed a new car. We helped her identify the vehicle and even went to the dealer with her and helped her negotiate a deal for trade-in.
Client Stories

Navigating Work/Life Financial Balance

One married couple has a large age difference and needed to work through some challenging work/life balance decisions. We saw this as an opportunity to help them see each other’s position and come to a consensus. To this day, they are both quite effusive in their gratitude in helping them arrive in their retirement/second career arrangement and financial security.
Client Stories

Advising With Transparency

A client came to us having experienced other advisors who “blew smoke”. They both felt that we always tell them exactly what has happened, why it happened, and what we are going to do about it. The most salient example was the explanation we gave them regarding a poor decision an outside investment manager made with a certain mutual fund. We did not “sugar coat it”.
Client Stories

Guiding to Higher Stability

When creating a projection for one couple, we learned that they were on track for a major liquidity issue. We had a serious meeting and recommended that they would have to sell a few of their larger physical assets. It was difficult for them, but they did complete the sales and achieved financial stability as a result.
Client Stories

Avoiding Hazardous Investments

One of our clients was looking to invest a large amount of money in what we strongly suspected to be a Ponzi Scheme. Despite our recommendation, the client invested a small sum of money. A few months later, it came out that the whole thing was a scam. The client lost some money, but would have lost a great deal more if he had not heeded our advice.
Client Stories

Protecting Client’s Best Interest

One client came to us having just invested in approximately $1,000,000 in annuities in the year 2000. The “advisor” had recommended subaccounts that were not only 100% stocks but also aggressive growth subaccounts. The positions were bleeding money fast. We convinced the insurance company that there was a great deal of negligence involved in selling the client these annuities. The insurance company waived the surrender charges which were substantial. Properly evaluating a financial advisor is ...


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