Plan For Your Future

Investment Philosophy: The Long View

Handling your investments as a long term proposition

We view investing as a long term proposition, it is not a process of frequent trading in and out of investment positions or the market as a whole. In addition, history shows us that attempting to time the market is fruitless. One cannot account for all the factors influencing the pricing of various investment options. History also shows us that the value of investments rise over the long term in spite of near term economic or geopolitical concerns.

We believe this long term direction on investment growth is simply due to population growth and humanity’s success at doing things more efficiently over time. These two factors make the investment marketplace an instrument of success for disciplined and long term investors.

Personal Services

We follow a well-defined process for managing your wealth. We begin by thoroughly understanding your current financial status and future goals through our ‘Personal Financial Overview’. Following completion of your overview you may choose to engage with us in our ‘Wealth Management’ services: ‘Asset Management’ and ‘Comprehensive Financial Planning.’

Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a holistic process of evaluating your complete financial picture that brings together the key elements of your financial plan with the management of your investment assets to achieve your financial goals.


Asset Management

Through the Personal Financial Overview (PFO) we are able to determine the optimal portfolio allocation and return necessary to meet your financial objectives. We use our Asset Management service as the means to achieve your goals. Our investment philosophy seeks to manage risk first, and in the process of doing so, improve long term return. We provide you with periodic reviews including performance information, as well as an opportunity for you to review other aspects of your financial picture with your advisor.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

This service involves the development of a more comprehensive and strategic financial plan based on the initial findings of the Personal Financial Overview. While it begins with the PFO, we delve deeper into the complex issues of Retirement, Insurance, Tax and Estate Planning to ensure that each element is designed to efficiently grow your wealth and meet your long-term goals. Your financial plan is completed over the course of a year and includes specific recommendations and steps for implementation carried out in consultation with your other professionals.

Business Services

Retirement Plan Advisory Services

In our role as a Fiduciary for your retirement plan we: