Many of us aspire to provide ourselves, our children, or other loved ones the opportunity to achieve a college or advanced degree.  Planning and saving for an education can be complicated given the number of saving options, financing resources, and tax and ‘gifting’ implications.  This planning does not end with graduation either, as many students leave college with a level of debt requiring appropriate management to eventually pay off.  All of this must also fit within and preserve your broader financial lifestyle objectives.  We are here to assist on the complete journey.

At Dickmeyer Boyce we consider your complete financial picture while using our industry leading planning software to collaboratively develop a college funding plan that supports your objectives.  We will review and present all savings and funding options while educating you on the pros and cons of each.  We take a “cash flows” approach, which we believe truly reveals the feasibility of your college funding objectives while showing how they impact the rest of your plan. In the end, we commit to helping you find the right balance to provide your family with the educational opportunities you desire.