quarterly review

2022 First Quarter Review: Extraordinary Influences/Inflation Concerns

Download the PDF copy here Executive Summary 2020 and 2021 were defined by extraordinary influences over the economy, namely, covid, efforts to contain it, and stupendous levels of fiscal and monetary action applied to survive the containment policies. This led to large consumer demand for goods while production of goods was significantly curtailed. There was …

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Roth 401(k) for High Earners

With Roth-401(k)s increasingly offered alongside the traditional 401(k), high-income earners need a framework for deciding whether to take advantage and if so, how?   Understanding the Roth-401(k) and the Implications for High-Earners as They Save for Retirement  As financial advisors, we generally work with clients to manage down their current tax burden.  This is particularly true …

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supplemental retirement

Supplemental Retirement Account

What should you know? Supplemental Retirement Accounts provide an opportunity to increase retirement savings beyond traditional methods like the 401(k), 403(b), or Roth Accounts. Supplemental Retirement Accounts: Definition, Limits and When, Where and How to Take Advantage. When it comes to saving for retirement, the IRS code offers numerous options. Traditional saving opportunities include defined …

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pension maximization

Pension Maximization

Lump-sum or annuitize?  Life-only annuity or joint and survivor annuity benefit? Pension maximization requires careful consideration of these questions and many other factors. Pension Maximization and the Key Considerations to Solve the Pension Quandary I spent nine years working for Rockwell Automation. I would consider myself fortunate to be among a declining population of automation …

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should crypto be part of your retirement

Should Crypto Be Part of Your Retirement?

Cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity.  Their popularity has included waves of speculation and uncertainty, warranting careful consideration before viewing it as a viable retirement investment option. That is why we are answering the question: should crypto be part of your retirement? Retirement Investment Planning: Whether to Play in Crypto or Stay Away.  Cryptocurrency investing has exploded …

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early retirement checklist

Early Retirement Checklist

The “Great Resignation” is in full swing and early retirement continues to grow in popularity. A well-prepared plan is often the difference between failure and success for early retirees. Here is our early retirement checklist for you to follow. 5 Checklist Items for a Successful Early Retirement  The Covid era has spawned and accelerated many trends …

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